Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Dressed in our pajamas, we boarded the Polar Express Train to celebrate the holiday season together.!We participated in fun holiday-themed centers that parents put together for us! We even watched The Polar Express movie. We had a wonderful day together. Enjoy the pictures from our day!

We hope that you and your family have a wonderful and restful holiday! See you January 5th!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

To celebrate all of our hard work and the holiday season, we decided to take a break from normalcy this week. Each day this week has a wintery theme, and in each of our workshops we did activities according to that theme. Math included! To celebrate Monday's gingerbread theme, we played a dice game called "Roll-A-Gingerbread Man." The students had to roll the dice, and based on what they rolled, had to add a certain part to their gingerbread man. On Tuesday, we enjoyed a snowman themed day. We read stories about snowmen and wrote "How to Build a Snowman" stories, but our favorite part was the "Melt-An-Ice Cube" Game in Math! Similar to the "Roll-A-Gingerbread Man" game, we rolled dice to see what we would do to the ice cube in order to get it to melt (such as breathe on the ice cube for 10 seconds, drop it, shake salt on it, etc.). The students came to the conclusion that placing the ice cube in water and putting salt on the ice cubes helped it melt the fastest. Enjoy the pictures from Monday and Tuesday's Math Workshops! We are looking forward to tomorrow's "Polar Express" Day! "ALL ABOARD!"

**We apologize for the delay in getting the Pow Wow pictures posted! We were having so much fun on our Pow Wow celebration day that we forgot to take pictures! We are waiting to get some more pictures before posting. If you have any that you wouldn't mind sharing, please send them in. Thanks!