Monday, January 12, 2009

Letter Combinations and Digraphs

We have started letter combinations and digraphs in Skills Block. Consonant digraphs are two consonants that join together to make one sound, such as ch, sh, th, wh, and ph. Letter combinations are two or three certain letters that make one sound when they come together. Here are the rhymes to help us remember letter combinations:
ay ay - see kids play
er ir ur - see the church
ar ar - drive the car
ow ow - one brown cow
st st - you must stop
ing ing - watch me swing
oy oi - see the boy
ea ee - let's go to the beach
oo oo - the ghost says boo
ue ew - find the clue
oo oo - read the book
au aw - I can draw
or or - shut the door
eigh eigh - this is eight
ou ou - see the mouse
ow ow - see the snow
all all - catch the ball

This week we are working on digraphs: th, ch, and sh. We are also working on the -ar letter combination and reviewing the -ay letter combination. Watch to see if your child recognizes digraphs and letter combinations in their reading and also uses them in their writing!